What you up to? by Asarimaniac
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if these humble words reach you, then I have joined my ancestors.
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Sorry I’m not sorry.
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BIOWARE WANTS YOU!To help make the next Mass Effect Game
Hey, you like Mass Effect right? Of course you do. Because the Mass Effect games are fucking awesome.BioWare is looking for us fans to answer a few questions and they seriously want know what we think. Head over to SurveyMonkey now and help BioWare make the best Mass Effect game ever.
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Tali’Zorah by amrrr
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Liara would totally be a really enthusiastic archaeologist. And she would probably be totally star struck when Shepard would show up and rescue her from a bunch of outlaws.
As much as I am all about Shakarian I think Liara and fem!Shep are so damn cute. (It just doesn’t really work with Olivia’s personality so yeah personal headcanons about my Sheparoonie).
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quarian-admiral-talizorah-deact sent: Keelah, how is this possible? Are

No. You are me from an alturnment timeline.

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